2.0.4 v will this work the same on windows 10

I am using windows 7 64 bit, and can record from internet / transfer and playback O.K.

I am thinking of upgrading to windows 10 , will the current 2.0.4 still work on windows 10 ?

I understand that I cannot take “media player” ( with all its functions ) to windows 10.

Can anyone recommend what program I can use to duplicate media player and importantly all its functions ??? :wink:

I am thinking of upgrading to windows 10

Are you upgrading for a specific reason?

Can you arrange to roll back to Win7 if you encounter a show-stopper problem?

There could be a number of problems with using Audacity 2.0.4 under Windows 10. 2.0.4 is very old. The supported version is Audacity 2.1.3 from here.


Windows 10 isn’t an upgrade. It’s a whole new system and your software, drivers and hardware have to be constructed specifically for Win10. They have to say Windows 10 on the box. Just “OK for Windows” doesn’t do it.

The forum has lots of postings from people who moved to Windows 10 and their audio services or interfaces stopped working.


Thank you :slight_smile: .
Yes" I am looking to get" windows 10 so I can use it to run kodi. I am at present running windows 7 , 64 bit. If you go to kodi and download it says it is compatable with w/7, but it did not work.

I was missing one important point, which I have now realised. The standard download does say 32bit and I thought would be o.k. As that some programs I have seem to run on it o.k.
So I have solved me problem, hopefully buy downloading the latest “trial” of kodi for 64 bit. At the moment it seems o.k. but have not fully tested it yet, and it is still under development I believe so we will see how it goes.

still awaiting any ideas regarding full features of win/7 media centre on win 10. ( yes I believe the “player” on win12 media player , does not playback some c/ds or dvds. will have to look at detail )

Yes, I can get a rollback to this win 7 as it is at this moment if necessary.

IF someone out there is running win 10 with the latest Audacity version, I would be interested to hear if it all runs seamlessly.


I am at present running windows 7 , 64 bit.

Except during Audacity which is a 32-bit APP.

IF someone out there is running win 10 with the latest Audacity version, I would be interested to hear if it all runs seamlessly.

Remember you’re on the forum where you only post when things don’t go well.

And no, I can tell you it doesn’t. We get to tell quite a number of people that their machine or one of their cards or interfaces isn’t supported under Windows 10. Win10 is a very serious change and in my opinion you should not be attempting it to cure a known software problem. Get your service to work under Win7 like it’s supposed to. Then, if you still feel like it, do the Win10 upgrade.


And this is all using Audacity 2.1.3. I know the other forum elves chase people away from 2.0.3. It’s too old and there are too many things not supported.


Thank you,
I really appreciate all this advice, which I realise is good as you have much more knowledge than myself :exclamation:

I will think all this over again, slowly :slight_smile:

Might this be a time for a new machine? What was the first birthday of your current machine? Five years ago? A new machine gives you the ability to get used to Win10 and all the new processes and tools, and gives you the older machine as a backup if something really evil happens.

That also gives you a dollar value for how much the work is worth.


Try using the Kodi Nexus version, it should work.