2.0.4 records static?

On 2.0.4, Ubuntu 13.10, with Pref->Devices Recording set to Device: pulse; Pref->Recording unchecked and at default settings, I’m getting pure noise/static after recording from my internal sound stream. I see the recording levels matching the source perfectly, but upon playback, pure noise/static. Any ideas?

You can watch the bouncing sound meters during record and they move to the expected rhythm? How do they move when you play back? What do the blue waves look like? Field of Wheat, or lumps and bumps.

Well I’m a monkey’s uncle! I just did a sample recording, but this time I exported it (to flac). So then I played it back in qmmp – and it’s perfect! I was always assuming that the Audacity playback was what really happened. But that raises the question of what’s wrong with my Audacity playback?

Try the “hw” options in the device toolbar. These allow you to access your sound card via ALSA, bypassing PulseAudio.