2.0.3 Volume Changes on Launch

So, in Audacity 2.0.3, with Windows 7, Whenever I launch Audacity, or when I change the output, input, or from mono to stereo, my computer produces momentary static out of the headphones currently in use, then changes the system volume to either 0% (but not muted), 4%, or 10%. I looked through the known bugs, and that one doesn’t seem to be on there. Any suggestions?

Unless you changed it, the computer thinks it’s supposed to set itself up for communications or a conference. The “static” could be feedback through a delay loop and the gain change is the computer trying to automatically set volume.

You didn’t say what you’re trying to do or what you’re recording. These settings might be a good place to start:



That sounds like a sound card driver issue to me.
Does your sound card have its own control panel?
What sort of sound card is it?
What are you trying to record?

Honestly, I hadn’t been trying to record anything yet. Thanks, though.