2.0.3 Plays on pc, not on player, click removal didnt take

I have the 2.0.3 version on Win7, got it to burn, but will not play on the cd player, & the click removal did not work.
This program worked perfect before my pc crashed, but then had XP, & dont know what version of Audacity I had.
I think I installed this from the .exe

got it to burn, but will not play on the cd player

There are several ways to burn. If you just jam a music file onto a CD, you will likely get a Data CD (like a thin, shiny hard drive) and not an Audio CD. If you go through an Audio CD Authoring Program like Windows Media, or iTunes (or others), then yes, that will produce the special Music CD format and those will play in a CD player.

It’s not just the format, either. The Music Authoring Program will allow you to arrange the music in any order you want and control the space between songs, but it will not carry song titles. If you wrote and produced the songs yourself, then the song titles will be Audio-01, Audio-02, etc (or something like that).

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