[2.0.2] How does Amplify work?


I can’t figure out how to amplify a whole file.

Amplification works fine when I select a part then choose Effect > Amplify > Preview. With a 26.8dB amplification, it’s loud and clear.

But when I select the whole file (CTRL+A), and choose Effect > Amplify, the Amplification field shows “-1.2”, and forcing this value to eg. 20db and hitting Preview makes no difference: The file is as low as the original. Looks like I’m not doing it right.

Here’s a screenshot:
How do I apply a 20db amplifiction to a whole file?

Thank you.

Maybe check [X] Allow Clipping. Effect > Amplify works as long as no part of the show blue waves go over 1 – all the way up or down. If you zoom out all the way, was there a click, a pop, or other sudden noise that produced a high wave? If you carefully select and delete that really tall wav Amplify should start working.


I should have tried before asking :confused: Thanks, that solved the problem.