1st try... its s**t.. am i going to try much longer??

ok- it seemed that this was going to be just what i was looking for- converting analogue to digital - easy- 1-2-3… well i initially thought so. i bought the behringer uca 222 off ebay- installed it on windoze 10 on my laptop and… yeek!!- el cheapo graphics,and a virtually non existant easy start up manual… ( i thought all this b/s was done with in about 2000 or ’ windoze 98… things have moved on in the computer world since all the dial up modems and nasty un user friendly gadgets and software from those days… apparently not so) - well i have after 1 hour not managed to get the pull down menus working- basically, i want to just simply ( what this device is supposed to do) enter analogue music to my pc and digitalize it.
i’m not a novice to sound and audio or p.c. but i dont want to spend the weekend faffing around with b.s. to just make my compils on my music library…
-wheres the graphic equalizer? how come the effects dont work?- i didnt get a cd with my purchase!- its not looking good so far.
anyone got any help, pleeease!!

Audacity does not make Microsoft Windows, does not make the Behringer UCA 222, and does not sell anything. For help with / complaints about those products, please refer to Microsoft support and Behringer support respectively.

For help with Audacity, please describe clearly:

  1. Which exact version of Audacity you are using (look in “Help > About Audacity”).
  2. What exactly you are doing and what the problem is.

Please note that we cannot see your setup, so we only know as much as you tell us.

Audacity’s graphic equalizer is in the Effect menu, listed as “Equalization…”
Effects in Audacity are not “real time” effects. They work by applying the effect to the audio track(s) or part of the audio track that you have selected. To apply an effect, you must select part or all of an audio track, and playback / recording must be “stopped” (not just “paused”).

When you have resolved your initial problems with Windows 10 and you have the Behringer device working properly, see this series of articles from the Audacity manual: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tutorial_copying_tapes_lps_or_minidiscs_to_cd.html

You might need to press the yellow Stop button.


i didnt get a cd with my purchase!

That’s a problem right there. Audacity is free software and isn’t delivered on hardware. Download from here.


el cheapo graphics,and a virtually non existant easy start up manual…

Audacity is a volunteer organization. Any time you want to help with either of those, let us know.


but i dont want to spend the weekend faffing around with b.s. to just make my compils on my music library…

Audio (and video) editing takes time… You didn’t say what you’re digitizing/recording, but let’s assume you’re digitizing a 40-minute vinyl record. You’re probably going to want to listen to the digital copy, so that’s another 40 minutes. And, you’ll probably want to make an individual file for each song and tag those songs with title/artist/album/etc. information. That’s going to take a bit more time. EQ, noise reduction, and any other effects also take time because you have to listen carefully, using trial-and-error. And, if you are digitizing vinyl records, you might want to clean-up the “snap”, “crackle”, and “pop”. That can take hours & hours depending on the condition of the record.

Audacity (usually older versions) is of course bundled with many pieces of hardware, including USB recording equipment of many types.