1st real time effect not passing audio to 2nd

Hi, just using real time effects for the first time with 3 effects in the chain and can’t seem to get audio in the second and third effect. I can change the output gain on the first effect and it seems to work fine, i assumed the routing out>in to the next effect would just happen automatically but wonder if i missed something. I took a look at the help files but it all seems pretty obvious. Any ideas how to get all the effects in the chain after the first processing audio appreciated.

edit: i think it may have to do with using effects (plugins) that are of the same type. ie. use all vst, or all vst3… no mix and match. cheers.

edit 2: the same combo of mix/match plugins works fine in ableton so i guess that says something.

What are the effects? Does it work properly with just two effects ?

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