1new 1 old problems!

I’ve got 2 issues here ! I was trying to multiple export 7hour file in 3 min files (148 parts) but 2 times with error !! 1st time one file in the middle was not properly processed and totally were 114 files instead of 148 , second time same thing with only 42 files exported and 43d was not fully processed but confirmation window said all done !!!

every time when dragging a file in Audacity work window OR during multiple exporting !! Audacity exporting window remain active and literally I can’t work on PC keep popping up in front so turn out that I need to wait all this time instead of doing other work on PC !!?? how the h**k to fix this ?!

Check the amount of free space on your drives.

Hmm interesting thing I hade almost 200GB free after you told me Ive check fee space 40GB free only how come the file I edited have 282 mb AAC audio !! even if making him in wav would be few GB !! Why so much space was used ??

AAC audio is a compressed format, and like other compressed formats the encoding makes it impossible to do more than basic editing. To do the full range of editing and processing it is necessary for the file to be decoded first. Audacity decodes the audio to 32-bit PCM on import.

Depending on the amount of compression, the decoded file may be 10 or more times bigger than the compressed AAC file.

On top of that, Audacity retains “undo data” so that you can step backwards undoing any actions since the project was opened. (The undo data is automatically deleted when the project is closed).

In recent versions of Audacity there is an additional factor that can cause a lot of disk space use. When you delete part of a track, the audio isn’t actually deleted, it is just hidden so that you can reveal it again later (See Trimming a Clip). This can be a problem if you are working with large amounts of audio as it is not obvious how to permanently remove parts of the audio that you don’t want. To delete part of a track permanently, you must “Render” the track (“Tracks menu > Mix > Mix and Render”) after deleting the parts that you don’t want.

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