16 or 32 bit

system / mac os 10.5 .8 Adcty 2.0.6 sib 7.5.3


schould i import in 32bit or 16 bit .
most of the time its file from " sibelius " that i mix down .
bye the way from this " sibelius " software schould i export in 16 bit or 32 bit

thanks to let me know

dois je importer en 32 bit ou en 16 bit
la plupart du temps c’est pour mixer des files from sibelius .
depuis cette plateforme " sibelius " dois je eporter en 32 bit ou 16 bit

merci de vos reponses

It will not make much difference, but ideally you would work in “32 bit float” format throughout the production process and convert to 16 bit only for your final exported (completed) file.
Note that 32 bit files require twice as much disk space as 16 bit files.