16.04 Remove human voice from song in 2.1.3

I have a music file (.opus) from which I want to remove human voice ( deep, male ). Is there any preset tool available ? I tried

Effects > Plug-in 1-15 > Voice Reduction and Isolation.

Also tried

Effects > Plug-in 16-17 > Vocal Remover

Both didn’t work as expected. No human voice cancellation at all with default values.

Is it a mono sound file? One blue wave? If it is, that’s the end of the story. Vocal Cancellation works by pitting the left and right sound in a stereo show against each other. It stops dead if there is no stereo show. And even if there is, most of the tools fail if the voice isn’t in the exact left-right middle of the performance. If the performer wanders (stage performance) or spends their time off-center, that can be deadly.

Now suppose the performer is in the middle and was intentionally mixed that way, but somebody added “deep” stereo echo and effects to the voice. The voice goes but the echoes remain.

Second verse:

Anything else in the middle of the song usually goes, too, such as bass and drums.

Vocal Removal fails many more times than it works.


Thanks for the reply. There are 2 set of graph when viewed in Audacity

Also, it says Stereo , 48,000 Hz, 32-bit float

it says Stereo , 48,000 Hz, 32-bit float

Then I’m out. It’s possible to have a stereo voice track so damaged that even though it satisfies all the rules, it still won’t work.

Can you select about 10 seconds of mostly voice and post it here? The less accompaniment the better.