100s of .wav need same volume

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My last use of Audacity v2.05 was 10 yrs ago, when I digitized my CDs & LPs.

I have 500 short .wav files (in 1 folder) that will be used in windows themes. I need to ensure they have the same approximate volume.

This is the closest previous help request I’ve found >

but I’m afraid they & the Help file lost me. I’ve DL’d the newest Audacity version but haven’t installed it yet.

I’d appreciate if someone would restate want is required for accomplishing this task.

Mucho tanks

Don’t install Audcaity3 (.exe) if you want to keep Audacity2 working on the same machine.
Get the “.zip” version of Audcaity3 then unzip it into a folder.
Then you can launch Audcaity3 from the Audacity icon in that folder.

Theoretically Audacity3’s loudness normalization tool incorporated into a macro should batch-process your files,
(try the macro on, say, 10 files first, before giving it hundreds to chew on).

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Loudness normalization is tricky, especially in a macro because it doesn’t check for clipping. Clipping is caused by the peaks and peaks don’t correlate well with perceived loudness.

Try WaveGain. It can process multiple files at once and by default it won’t clip (which means some quiet-sounding songs might not hit the target loudness). …Most tracks will probably be turned-down.

Choose the “Radio Gain” option which processes the tracks independently.

WaveGain is a variation of ReplayGain, but ReplayGain has to be supported by your player software. Apple has Sound Check for volume matching. There is also a version MP3Gain, which like WaveGain makes “permanent” changes to the file making it independent of the player software.

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Thank you Trebor & DVDdoug for your suggestions. I’ll study both & give it a shot in a couple of days.

“I’ll be back” with the results.

I was going to try both suggested solutions, but I found using wavegain so intuitive & simple I stayed with it. Editing multiple files at the same time is far easier than dealing with a macro…at least for me.

Thanks so much for recommending this app. The only difficulty I’m having is the cmd window showing the results is only visible as a flash, before disappearing. I have to open the Log file to see what was done. This occurs in both my win7 & win10 desktops.

Do you have this issue also?

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