1 voice in each ear from skype recording

Hello and thank you for your help. I recorded a podcast on a skype recorder. As I edit it, I’m hearing one voice in my left ear and the other voice in my right ear. Is there a fix to get them into both ears?

Yes. I assume what you have now is a stereo show with two blue waves. That’s normally desirable so you can filter or correct one voice without affecting the other. Once you smash them together, you’re stuck with the mix. I would Export a stereo WAV track at this point for backup. If you’re obsessive, copy it to a thumb drive.


Drop-down menu on the left of the track > Split stereo to mono.

That will give you two mono tracks and they will both play to both ears and sound like the final, mixed show. You can still correct one without the other, but it’s last call. Then Export to either WAV or MP3 or whatever your final format is. Audacity will mix everything down to one single mono show. There’s a way to produce a stereo show, too, but that’s value-free because it will sound just exactly the same and take up twice the drivespace.

If anything fails or the computer has problems or the Export is damaged, you can fix the problem and go back to the safety backup Export you made earlier.


Hi Koz,

thanks for the help. I will work on it and let you know the results!

If you get as far as a finished podcast, leave the address.