1 Project, 2 Macs

Thanks in advance for anyone’s help - I’m brand new to audacity. I want to record on my Mac air book in my closet/vocal booth - but do my EQing on my iMac which has a bigger screen. I’m hoping that’s not an impossibility and someone can point me in the direction of how to do that?

Much thanks!!!

Install Audacity on both machines.
After recording, copy the project to the iMac.
– Bill

Thanks Bill, is there an easy 1,2,3…step process I can find somewhere?

What part of the process do you need help with?
– Bill

Thanks for asking bill, I think I may have accidentally stumbled into it - I downloaded an aup file to the desktop which I can access on both Macs and as soon as I double click it (on either mac) it opens in audacity.

I’m just dipping my toe in the world of voice over - downloaded davinci resolve about six weeks ago (to use Fairlight), but it’s just a little too complex for me (I’m brand new to recording/editing). This (Audacity) is already a few steps easier on the learning curve…

Don’t do that. You are accessing the AUP file over a network. This is not recommended.

Use a USB stick to transfer a copy of the AUP file from the Macbook to the iMac. Or use the network connection to copy the AUP file from the Macbook to the iMac.

– Bill

When working on an Audacity project it is recommended that the project be on the internal hard drive of the computer you are using. This is for uninterrupted access to the file (networks can be slow). There is zero effect on audio quality if you access the file over a network but you risk corrupting the file.

Search the internet for “Set up file sharing on Mac”.

– Bill

Really appreciate you taking a minute to expand on that Bill.

My thanks.