1) Orphan File? 2) Sudden change in playback

Hi! New here. Have Mac OS 10.13.

  1. I am getting an “Orphan file” alert. What does that mean??
  2. I am narrating an audiobook and during my editing I went from hearing in “stereo” (both sides of my headset) to only one side. I’m not sure what happened. I record all chapters the same and this was not an issue until this suddenly happened.

The change in playback happened last night after Audacity “froze” and I had to restart and recover my project.


Orphan files are when audio “snippet” files exist in the _data folder but the Audacity project file does not reference them. This is typical of a crash while recording. See https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/audacity_projects.html

Check your playback and recording settings to see why you’re suddenly getting sound in one side only. Does it record that way, or just play back that way? Also, check your headphone connection. What kind of headphones are you using?

– Bill