1 error compiling in VC++ 2008 on Windows 7

Hi everyone,

I’m working to build the audacity solutions and am getting hung up on one fatal error that I can’t find a solution for.
Here is a picture of the error.
audacity error.JPG
I’m not much of a programmer but I’m trying to get the environment running to develop a plug-in. The idea is to use a plug-in to almost completely automate a audio recording and export system that takes in an ID number and manipulates the file name when exporting.

Thanks for any help. Much appreciated.

Gstreamer is a brand new feature, probably classed as “pre-alpha”. It is likely to cause problems at the moment because it is at such an early stage of development. Probably best to go back a few revision to just before Gstreamer support was added. Try Revision: 13097.

Have you had a look at Mod Script Pipe? You may find that useful: Audacity Manual

I’ve just built debug version of HEAD on Windows 7. I do have GStreamer installed and the GSTREAMER_SDK environment variable set, but Unicode Release builds fine without GStreamer.

Does wxWidgets-2.8.12libvc_dllwxbase28ud.lib exist with correct permissions? Is the WXWIN environment variable pointing to the correct place?

If so, perhaps try rebuilding the “DLL Unicode Debug” version of wxWidgets then reboot and rebuild Audacity.


I could not find vc_dllwxbase28ud.lib in the vc_dll directory, nor was there a directory for that. Strange. I have set me WXWIN enviroment variable.
Is there a way to get the wxbase28ud.lib?

Try reinstalling wxWidgets 2.8.12. You are using 2.8.12, I assume?


There is a known bug in the wxWidgets 2.8 build script; four of the DLLs end up in the wrong folder. They are installed in lib/vc_lib not lib/vc_dll but it is easy to fix…the easiest way is to copy ALL of C:wxWidgets-2.8.12libvc_lib to C:wxWidgets-2.8.12libvc_dll (very quick—select all, but you really only NEED to find the four missing ones and copy them). Another solution would be to use the advanced search abilities of Windows Explorer – open one Windows Explorer window on your lib/vc_dll folder/directory, open a second on your highest level wxWidgets 2.8 folder/directory and do a search for the missing DLL. This will search all child folders of the main wxWidgets folder, when it finds the missing DLL move it or copy it into the other open Windows Explorer.

Ed, I’ve never been able to make that happen by building only the required widgets DLL’s. For the current code, that means batch building the widgets “DLL Unicode Release” and “DLL Unicode Debug” for each of adv, base, core, html and net.

It sounds as if this problem might be worth a mention on Missing features - Audacity Support but only if you know the exact steps that make it happen, and can say why anyone should be following those steps.


The problem has been corrected with wxWidgets 3.x and is only evident if you follow the typical wxWidgets directions for building the Windows WX_DLL project, building everything. It is a trivial bug in the Windows project – the Output Directory is wrong; this can easily be changed by any programmer; it’s also fairly easy to figure out where the missing DLLs are.

I cover this on my “obsessive handholding” HTML page but could probably improve the wording and add this picture for anyone who wants to actually fix the bug.