1/4 Insert Cable question

Forgive the newbness. I know what an insert cable is technically for. Is there any reason you couldn’t use one as a “stereo trs splitter to left and right ts” cable? I want to send the signal from a stereo 1/4 output to a stereo mixer channel with left and right inputs. Thanks.

None. On some DAT machines, the only convenient way to get analog sound out of the machine is adapt the headphone jack to stereo RCAs.



Thanks! I figured they probably were the same thing - just with different connectors. Every other description online of 1/4 Insert Cables say they are “specially designed to ‘recieve’ signal in one direction and ‘send’ in the other”. I didn’t think there was anything necessarily special about these cables that made them “send” and “receive” - rather the inputs and outputs of the gear. Cables are passive hunks of wire that don’t “do” anything til they’re told what to do by the current running through them. Seems obvious but this seems like an important fundamental that I bet other newbs wonder about. Thanks again Koz.