1.3.9 Beta Segmentation fault on loading in Ubuntu Jaunty

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This is interestingly inconsistent, and I wondered if anyone recognized the problem. I’m trying to build the current 1.3.9 beta of Audacity on two different Ubuntu-based systems that are almost the same. It seems to run on one, and crashes with a “segmentation fault” on the other when I try to launch it.

Both computers are 64-bit based on Intel Core2-Duo chips. Not quite the same chip version, but I have difficulty believing that’s the issue. Both are running the 64-bit build of Kubuntu Jaunty. Both use the ALSA system by default. They have different sound boards – the working one is a Turtle Beach card using a C-Media chip set, the not-working one is an M-Audio card – but, again, not clear why that’s an issue.

Both builds were compiled using the current CVS version of 1.3 and the wxGTK 2.8.10 for Ubuntu, as specified in the instructions page. Right offhand I can’t think of a good reason why one would work when the other won’t even start. Ummm?

Oh, yes, and I should add to this that when I try to build Audacity 1.3.9b on the not-working system using KDevelop, so I can see what I’m doing, it whines about the following “declared but undefined” functions in bitbuffer.h

NO_DLL_INLINE void buffer_put1bit (bit_stream *, int);
NO_DLL_INLINE void buffer_putbits (bit_stream *, unsigned int, int);
NO_DLL_INLINE unsigned long buffer_sstell (bit_stream *);

just FYI.


I had a segmentation fault issue with a very recent cvs build (on Ubuntu 9.04). The problem there was that I had installed over a previous version and it didn’t like it. A full un-install, and deleting the hidden “/home//.audacity_data/” folder, then running “make clean” before rebuilding fixed the problem.

Well, hmmmm. That might work except now I can’t get past the configure stage. See new complaint under separate cover. Sigh.

“Dependencies” I bet. I’ll look for your new post.

So, short form, completely deleting as far as I could the previous shrink-wrapped version of audacity, and then working through mysterious dependancy hassles related to libraries that I thought were included in the CVS (q.v. http://forum.audacityteam.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=14071&start=0 ) allowed me to build and install 1.3.9b on the second Jaunty system. It has now been running for 13 minutes without crashing.

Woo hoo!