1.3.5-Beta / OpenSuse 10.2 Compile Problems w/ GTK?

Errors in compile 1.3.5-beta on opensuse 8.2 in order to get a newer. I had installed a binary package of 1.3.3 before, but none is available for 10.2 / 1.3.5 so I decided to compile. Although I don’t usually compile, it is extremely simple, and I think I read all the directions. Any suggestions or comments would be welcome. I have captured and will upload a log file of stdout and stderr from both the Audacity compile.

Downloaded wxWidgets wxX11-2.8.7.tar.gz, compiled and installed as follows (as instructed in install-x11.txt) with no errors:

./configure --with-x11
make install

Downloaded audacity-src-1.3.5.tar

./configure >config.log 2>&1

with the attached log file resulting. Appears to be successful.

make >make.log 2>&1

with the attached log file resulting. Errors start cropping up at line 4372 (out of 4450) with a bunch of GTK problems

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t see my uploaded attachments. I guess I need a couple of pointers there too. How does a reader know they are there, or get them? Thanks again.

Read the instructions more carefully. You don’t want wx-X11, you want wxGTK. That will get you a lot further.