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‘Error opening device. Error code 0 success.’
Previous answers have dwelt on checking mic. I don’t have a mic. I’m trying to record a playback. On my Windows 7 computer it just happens. I’m using v 2.3.3.

I think we need a few more words. Exactly what are you trying to record and where is it coming from?

YouTube music?

Redirecting a playback to Audacity for recording is not easy, and it’s harder and harder as the the computer systems get more complicated.

It’s possible to have “help,” too. Windows Enhancements in the background and the communications programs (Skype, Zoom, Meetings) change your sound settings without telling you.


Not YouTube, but it was streaming audio. A sample on a theatrical agent’s site. However, I’ve just tried both YouTube and an mp3 playing back, and both brought up the same error message. I’ve had Audacity installed on this machine for some time but I don’t think I’ve tried using it till now.

[u]Recording Computer Playback on Windows[/u].


Try this.



The computer only has two sound channels, Playback and Record. To capture computer sound, you have to run both of them and connect them together. Those spells change depending on which computer type you have and how old.

The music industry would just as soon you never figure it out.