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Re: Noise Removal Tests

Permanent link to this post Posted by steve » Mon Oct 10, 2011 6:50 pm

Gale Andrews wrote:I'm a bit concerned with yet another effect to try and get your noise removed whereas most software only has one effect. How many controls does noise coring have? I never tried the patch.

It's still quite early days for the Noise Coring effect.
Currently there are 4 controls, two of which set the "noise profile", 1 sets the FFT size (which can probably be fixed as the default seems to work well with everything), and the 4th slider sets the amount of reduction. If the effect used a "Get Noise Profile" method, then the number of controls could probably be reduced to just one slider, or even be completely automatic.

If this effect was separate from the Noise Removal effect, then I'd suggest calling it "Hiss Removal" (or something similar), and for users it could be a much simpler option than "Noise Removal".

Alternatively it could perhaps be included in the current Noise Removal effect.
The Noise Coring effect is only suitable for broadband noise (hiss), but that is a very common type of noise, and this effect looks like it will be highly effective and simple to use.

I'll post again when there's more news.
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