File Export Issues

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File Export Issues

Permanent link to this post Posted by FL Coast » Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:17 pm

My issue is probably more of a nuisance than a bug.

I edit a lot of wav files and save them back to wav and then convert to mp3. On a Windows 10 machine I have always been able to drag my file onto Audacity, edit the file, then export the file back to the same folder. Then I have a chain set that will convert the file to mp3 and places it in a folder named “clean” within the original folder. I can then clear the previous file and drag another file onto Audacity and repeat the process by edit, export, and the file will be saved back to the original folder with the wav extension already selected, and chain convert to mp3.

Since version 2.2.0 when EXPORT was changed to SAVE AS, and with version 2.2.1 rc1 when it was returned to EXPORT, after I save the original file as wav and use the chain to convert it to mp3 in the “cleaned” folder, I then drag and edit my next wav file. Now when I select EXPORT the dialog box comes up with a save as mp3 in the cleaned folder. I then have to set it back to wav and then select the original folder each time. I have to do this every time after a chain conversion to mp3. It rebuilt the chain with the same result.

Like I said, it is more of a nuisance than a bug. It does require extra steps in the process for each file that was not there before. When you are doing several files a day, this can add a lot of extra time to the daily process.

I will say I have not experienced any other issues with the new version of Audacity. With that being said I probably use only a small fraction of what Audacity is capable of doing. I do like the new look and new features but with the added steps in my process I will have to stick with version 2.1.3 for now.

Thank you for such a fantastic piece of “free” software.

FL Coast
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