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Can't hear my recording to harmonize

Permanent link to this postPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:27 pm
Posted by aviv
I have been using audacity for a while not for anything serious- just to record myself and figure out where I want harmony etc. Feedback etc doesn't bother me
I have always used the microphone from my pc
All of a sudden today, I can't hear my recording when I press 'record'.

I will record myself and hear myself quite well, but when I press record again, I hear nothing, and I have to guess when I should start harmonizing.
I used to be able to hear myself in melody and then harmonize two or three parts quite easily because I can hear it in playback (using the record button)
Now the only time I hear myself is if I press the play button, but then I can't record to it

Why is it working differently, is this the new way to record or do I need to adjust something in audacity to hear the same track when I press record - not just when I press 'play'

Please please please help me. I have to be in the studio this month and want to make sure I can play around with harmonies before stepping into a studio
Thanks in advance

Frustrated and Desappointed