2.2.0 skipping words

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2.2.0 skipping words

Permanent link to this post Posted by Johnb2 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:49 am

Hi guys,

I had been using 2.1.3 and decided last night to download 2.2.0. First impressions are great! However, I am finding it skips parts of words at the beginning of paragraphs in audiobooks. I never experienced this before.
What I do to get by is re-record the phrase until the correction doesn't skip. Am I missing something? I had been using micport pro but it does the same thing with Scarlet solo. I am sure it's a fixable issue - but I am stumped.


UPDATE: I piddled with the thing, tried this and then that. I found the solution by using MME and not windows Wasup. I tried to make it skip after changing it and couldn't. Went back to Wasup and it skipped again. So I am going to sleep.
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